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  -  19 August
Today as (un)extraordinarily Today as Ever

While I do not currently partake in the bitching about the pains of job hunting and a lack of funds for food that many of my postgrad peers (or rivals) do, I feel myself approaching grunts and groans about the uselessness of my degree. Then again, I do lack experience required for basically any temp and semi-cool clerical or administrative position. So I’ve worked with kids, arranged half decent platters of food and unnecessarily kissed the ass of my deficient, office-politics-playing, queen of incompetent micromanaging BOSS LADY (obviously, she was horrid). Yet the fact that I feel bad as I bash her through a media source that she will likely never encounter really worries me. So maybe it’s my personality that lacks a callousness that might actually help make me a competitive applicant. Softies hardly make it out there in the job hunt. I need to be vicious, tenacious, and the cutthroat bitch that will unapologetically fail and fall, get back up, probably fall again, and actually do what I set out to do. 

Today has had me contemplative about my future. I’ve taken two months off since graduation, for vacationing and adieus to my apartment life, except for the three job applications I sent as I awaited three nonexistent responses. I mean, seriously employers of SoCal, I’m looking at you, send out a courtesy response of “You do not qualify” or “We found someone more suited to the position” to the applicants that never stood a chance. Something. Pause… and it looks like I am bitching after all. Anyways, the hunt has begun. Officially. 

May the odds of “little to no experience” be ever in my favor. 

  -  18 August

Can you handle the truth? I don’t think you can

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